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Nicaragua Dairies 2011

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Farmer-to-Farmer Assignment, Partners of the Americas, Feb, 2011
As a Farmer to Farmer volunteer with Partners of the Americas, Dr. Karen Jacobsen went on an assignment to Nicaragua working with cattle nutrition. Dr. Jacobsen provided technical assistance and shared her professional expertise with dairy producers in regards to their feed rations and forage quality. Additionally, Dr. Jacobsen had feed samples analyzed at Dairy One Laboratory in New York so the producers can have an exact understanding of their cattle's nutrition. Dr. Karen Jacobsen on her work with the Farmer to Farmer Program in Nicaragua: "This is my 5th Farmer-to-Farmer assignment, and the 1st time in Nicaragua. I have been 3 times to the Republic of Georgia, and once to Malawi. This has been, by far, the most successful and effective of the 5 FtF assignments I have completed, partly because I know the language, but especially because my hosts with Partners of the Americas organized my time extremely well, enabling me to reach as many dairymen as possible during my stay." "In the time here, I visited 4 dairy farms near Leon, 2 dairy farms and 2 beef cattle ranches near Chinandega. On the average, we spent ½ day per farm. Thus, my understanding of the dairy & beef farms is greatest for these 2 hot & dry, Coastal Plains regions. I also analyzed rations for a dairyman in Boaco who was involved with an artisan cheese factory." "I also delivered 5 formal presentations (with PowerPoint & computer projector), one each at the 10th National Dairy Conference in Managua (X Congreso Nicaragüense del sector Lácteo) and at the Universidad Nacional Agraria to animal science and veterinary students, and one each to producers in Leon, Rio Blanco, and Camoapa."


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